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Green Marketing + Branding consist of developing marketing and branding for an organization/company to properly represent their green initiatives and goals and avoid 'greenwashing'.

Green School Initiatives + Planning is the development of initiatives and strategies within schools to make their facilities more sustainable through my certification as a Green Classroom Professional.

Material Selection is the selection of green and sustainable products and materials for your project or spaces.

Education/Advocacy consist of delivering introductions to Sustainable Design and Biophilic Design theory for professionals and students.

Workshops and Collaborations consist of interactive introductions that covers benefits and uses such as Eco-charettes which work along side your team to identify needs and best approaches to implementing changes and Research can consist of creating reports on the effect of implementing design methods into your spaces.

Site Assessment Surveys are reports that assess the conditions of your site prior to design in order to evaluate sustainable options and inform related decisions about site design. Assessments demonstrate the relationship between the site features/topics listed and how these features can influence the project design or reasons for not addressing certain topics.

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