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Press & Panels

The Bronx is Greening: How the Boogie-Down Borough is Leading in Alternative Energy

What Climate Risk Mean for NYC’s Food Supply

WEDG Professionals Fan out across the region and country

Op-ed: Renewable Rikers is a Double Win for Justice

Mapping Heat Vulnerability to Protect Community Health

Justicia Climatica: How the CCPA will Increase Resiliency for NY's Latinx

Private Waste Haulers- South Bronx Dumping

City Unveils New Design for Hunts Point Wastewater Treatment Plant

Student Affiliate; Center for Sustainable Urban Development



  • Power After the Pandemic: Organizing Futures (Urban Design Forum)

  • WEDG Professional Virtual Course: Risk Reduction & Resilience @ Oak Point

  • “Climate Justice, Climate Crisis” Speaker at Barnard College 45th Annual Feminist & Scholar Conference

  • Climate Works for All Coalition Rally Speaker

  • Renewable Rikers Rally Speaker @ NYC City Hall 

  • NYS Assembly Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation- Climate and Community Protection Act

  • NYS Senate Hearing on the CCPA 

  • NYS Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators Caucus “Climate Justice for Frontline Communities”

  • The Real-Deal Town-hall: Community-led Climate & Waste Solutions in the Bronx

  • Access Cities: Open Innovation Call: External Evaluator

  • AIA Archtober 2019: Urban Heat Island/Air Quality

  • Commercial Waste Zone Bill City Council Testimony/Hearings

  • Thriving Earth Exchange Conference 2018- Community Representative


  • 45th Annual Scholar + Feminist Conference: Climate Crisis, Climate Justice @ Barnard College

  • Building a Bigger We: Climate Justice and Energy Democracy Convening @ Buffalo, NY

  • Electrifying NYC Transport: the Way Forward @ the Earth Institute

  • NYC Community Preparedness Council @NYCEM Brooklyn

  • Climate Youth Summit @UpRose

  • Managed Retreat: Climate Resiliency Conference @Columbia University/Earth Institute

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