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Town of Lenox 

Town of Lenox- Environmental Management System is an EMS developed for the Town of Lenox, Massachusetts that seeks to develop sustainability goals to be integrated into the Town Master Plan for 2025. The project was carried out by Columbia University students within the Net Impact organization and in collaboration with Professor Celine Ruben-Salama. Some of the aspects assessed within this assessment where Climate Change Risk, Land Management and Utilities- Water Quality and Wastewater Management. This project was done in a group collaboration as pro-bono work through the Earth Institute. 

Town of Lenox Corporate Sustainability Report using GRI Standards was also created for the year 2017.

Town of Lenox- Water Management Recommendations were a second phase to the EMS that suggested strategies for improving water supply and wastewater facilities in order to reach sustainable water targets.


Environmental Management System

CSR Report

Water Management Recommendations


Lenox, MA


Spring- Fall 2018

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